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Growth in Crisis

Coronavirus. Stock Market plunge. Presidential Elections. It’s a drumbeat of panic that is quickly becoming a self-fulling prophecy. In the here and now it’s tempting to keep your head down, focus on the day to day and wait for the storm to pass. That’s one option.   Another option is to face the turbulence head on, […]

Dreading 2020 Planning? You’re Not Alone

Are we ready for 2020? That’s the question many business owners are asking today as we start the planning process for next year. And with that question comes the gut churning, palms sweating reality that — oh no! We have to put together a 2020 plan! For many, the first challenge is finding the time. […]

The one innovation trap that can kill your business

Product and service innovation is a key accelerator of business growth at any stage of business from startup to maturity. Although we most often associate product innovation with startup companies, and the tech industry in particular, continuous innovation should be part of every business owner’s growth strategy. Consider an established business with strong growth, a […]

Your Customers are Leaving – Why?

Losing customers, especially a big customer, is the nightmare of every business owner. Customers leave for a variety of reasons. Sometimes despite your best efforts. And the number one reason is: something has changed. But what? In today’s economic environment, everything is always in flux. When customers leave it is often due to one or […]