The Octain Growth System in Action

Arming Sales for More Wins

Panviva Cloud Knowledge Management plays in a competitive arena with the likes of Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft. Winning deals in that space is a real challenge. Octain fueled Panviva’s new competitive sales handbook and opened more doors.

“Working with Octain has armed our sales team with new strategic tools and information that has helped us open more doors to new customer opportunities.”
—Peter Lore, Business Solutions Advisor, Panviva

Now that’s SALES fuel!

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Opening the Door to New Markets and Customers

Tri Tool was at a crossroads in its market position. Market dynamics were changing, competition was heating up and new customers needed to be reached. There were dozens of options. With Octain Market Fuel Strategies they chose three and moved forward with confidence.

“From Clare’s work we were able to determine three strategic initiatives to drive the company forward. We also used the analysis to develop new content marketing tools including a new corporate video and email marketing campaign.”
—Laurie Earl, Marketing Manager,
Tri Tool

Now that’s MARKETING Fuel!

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From Startup to Consulting Powerhouse

As a new startup in the competitive market space of Oracle-based technology software and services implementation, LCS faced a number of key challenges including discovering new opportunities and revenue streams for its services. Octain developed the company’s first marketing strategy and positioning for market expansion and growth.

“Clare helped us develop a stronger positioning message that led to LCS being recognized as Sacramento’s fastest growing company with a three-year revenue growth of 2800%.”
—Steve Simonetto, CEO,
LCS Technologies, Inc.

Now that’s POSITIONING Fuel!

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