Where do you fit in today’s Remote Economy?

The remote economy, which opened for business full throttle in March, shows no signs of slowing down. Many companies have made remote workers their permanent work force into the foreseeable future. Others are trying the hybrid office-WFH approach.

The move to remote work has had a profound impact on normal business operations, people’s daily lives and, according to Marker is, “Killing the Hidden Trillion-Dollar office economy.” Businesses from catering companies to janitorial services that depend on vibrant offices full of workers are faced with long term shifts to their reliable revenue streams.

What about your company? If you have been hanging on waiting for a return to “normalcy,” it looks like you’ll have a long wait. The reality is the remote economy is here to stay. Use it to your advantage.

Take Stock and Move Forward


It’s fall, the traditional planning season for next year. As a business owner, executive, or entrepreneur you can gain a revenue and competitive advantage by taking stock of exactly where you fit in today’s remote economy with these three questions:


1) What does my remote workforce look like today and what do my employees need to become sustainable high-performance team members? Consider the following:


Leadership – What is your ability and comfort level leading remote workers for the long term? How well are you sustaining your foundational cultural values?Communication – How seamlessly does your team work together day in and day out? Is communication easy or hard? What’s the level of conflict resolution needed?
Training – Without immediate access to tribal knowledge, new and younger remote workers can struggle. What processes do you have in place to ensure workers know their jobs and their value to corporate operations?Tools – Do your employees have the best in class tools and technology they need to perform at their peak remotely? If not, what do they need? Unsure? Ask them. Then acquire the best of breed tools to gain productivity where it counts.


2) How can I streamline operations to protect my bottom line today and into the future, regardless of economic turmoil? I suggest there is one focus for that: digital transformation: Bring as much of your operations to the cloud as possible. In my book Make Remote Work, I outline seven areas where cloud technology can replace outdated manual or PC-based software. These are: appointment booking, proposal software, ERP systems, order management, marketing automation, sales enablement and customer service.


3)How can I better market, sell or service my products online? The possibilities are almost endless. B2B business owners need to carefully study their consumer/retail-oriented colleagues for strategies that work. Depending on your size and resources, you can take a small step like adding more customer self-service capabilities to your website or invest in a major business model change such as launching a subscription service. In Make Remote Work, I provide an overview of nine subscription service models to choose from.


Where does your organization stand today in the remote economy? Is it where you want to be? If not, what changes are you willing to make now to secure your long-term future in our new remote economy?

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Ready to Thrive in the Remote Economy?

We have entered the era of the remote economy. It’s changed everything about the way we do business. As we begin to reopen our doors, we are having to reinvent our jobs, our lives, and our daily routines on the fly.


That’s what happened to my personal trainer Kelle Santin. When her employer California Family Fitness closed due to Shelter in Place rules in Sacramento, Kelle was immediately unemployed. As a personal trainer who works hands on with her clients, Kelle had to figure out what to do next.


Kelle could have stepped back and waited for her gym to reopen. She’d still be waiting! Instead, she decided to reinvent herself. She chose to learn to use the tools now available to her as part of the emerging remote economy. Kelle found new employment as an online, on demand trainer with Flight Live Fitness and launched her remote work career.


“Without Clare’s help and innovative thinking, I would have never considered leaving my ‘big box’ gym to go out on my own. Clare was able to show me a bigger picture of what my business model could be, and with the COVID-19 virus shelter in place order, this has become even more pressing. I have since found success with online training and developed a new growth mindset in the area of my business.”


Kelle is just one of the thousands of independent entrepreneurs and business owners who are grappling with the new economic realities. If that’s you, you are why I wrote my new book, Make Remote Work.


Make Remote Work is for business owners who are looking to reinvent their businesses, products and services for our new remote economy.  It’s for anyone who is figuring out how to be productive as a remote worker and/or who is responsible for leading a team of remote workers.

Make Remote Work is a free 70-page eBook loaded with tips, tools and hacks to navigate this new virtual work world.

What’s inside?

  • Be a happier, more productive remote worker
  • Confidently lead your remote team
  • Tools and tips for virtual teamwork
  • Technology must haves for improving operating efficiencies
  • Transitioning your business to the cloud
  • Keeping customers happy when you’re not around
  • Redefining your marketing engine for online customers
  • Product innovation for a remote world

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