About Octain

The Beginning

Sometimes all it takes is one event, or in my case, one client, to crystallize the idea and start the germination process of a new product. The Octain Growth System really came together with my client Frank Denning.

Prior to 2010, I’d been using parts of the OGS process and developed many of the tools as needed. I had a bunch of fragments of marketing “colored glass.” After working with Denning, it became a mosaic.

The challenges that Denning Packaging faced were not unusual: flat earnings, slow growth, a frustrated management team and board of directors. And a short window of time to turn things around.

Like many CEOs, Denning looked for answers inside and outside his company with everyone taking their own plan of attack, leading to lots of trial-and-error activities, more frustration and conflict.

It was seeing the pain business owners like Frank were facing that sent me on the journey of developing OGS. Marketing is too expensive and too critical to be left to trial and error and “agency magic tricks.” Just like business operations and financial operations, growing companies need marketing operations. I couldn’t find it, so I developed it using my analytical consulting background as a research director for Gartner, combined with in the trenches marketing management experience at companies like Sun Microsystems and multiple tech startups. The first version of this system was released in 2012 and we have been testing and refining it over the last 10 years to offer the Octain Growth System so you, like Denning Packaging, can achieve your growth goals.

So you, like Denning Packaging, can achieve your growth goals. The biggest growth challenge for Denning was that their current customer base was saturated with product and competition. The company needed to find a new market for its products. Finding a new geographic niche changed its competitive position and drove explosive new sales growth.

“Octain helped us develop a strategic launch plan that resulted in opening a new geographic market, changed our competitive position, and drove new sales growth of 24 percent in the first year.”

— Frank Denning, Denning Packaging

Why Work With Us?

Since early 2004 we’ve been developing, refining and proving the Octain Growth System with more than 300 companies in 22 different industries. That’s more than 40,000 hours of hands-on, deep dive experience in solving real world business problems and delivering sustainable, long-term growth for small and medium-sized businesses.

In each case, our Growth Architects used the methodology, processes and tools of the Octain Growth System to deliver revenue increases of 27% to 197%. One client, LCS Technologies, had a three-year growth increase of 2800% and landed at the top of the INC 500 fastest growth company list two years in a row.


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You are a business builder with appetite for more. You know smart marketing is the key to growth and business expansion, but you’ve hit a wall.

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Let’s change that with OGS!