Meet Our Team

Clare Price, CEO

Clare Price is the CEO of Octain Growth Systems, a marketing consultancy that is transforming the way companies do marketing. Her new book, Smart Marketing Execution, defines the strategies, execution process and automated systems mid-market companies and agency owners need to use marketing to accelerate their profits, performance and productivity.

Prior to launching Octain, Clare was a Research Director for Gartner’s Internet Strategies Service. She also served as Vice President of Research for Demand Metric, a strategic marketing advisory service.

On a personal note she is an amateur ornithologist and proud Mom to two Shetland Sheepdogs, Toby and Ashton.

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Aric Descamps, Head of Education

Aric Descamps is a growth architect marketing consultant with Octain, specializing in the transportation, manufacturing and professional services industries. Prior to joining Octain, Aric spent the majority of his professional marketing career in the manufacturing industry with companies like Chicago Pneumatic and Ingersoll Rand.

In his spare time, Aric is busy with his two sons coaching basketball, baseball, and volunteering as Den Leader for the local Boy Scout pack. He also is one of the founders of F3 Spring Hill, a region of the national fitness group called F3- which stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.

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Mary Beth Russo, Growth Architect

Mary Beth at Partners in Marketing has helped grow companies from startups to large organizations for over 20 years. Supporting B2B small-to-medium tech and climate tech companies, she is energized by making a positive impact on business results. A born problem solver, she has extensive strategic and hands-on experience in all facets of marketing, communications, and demand generation.

Passionate about making a positive impact on an organization’s bottom line, she drives and builds strategy, process, talent, and the technology needed to get results. A hands-on, big-picture thinker, she is comfortable with taking data-guided risks in order to scale and achieve measurable growth.

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David LaCombe, Growth Architect

David LaCombe is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer whose unparalleled 18-year tenure in product development, marketing, and sales leadership demonstrates more than skill—it signifies trust. Renowned for developing strategy and steering cross-functional teams toward seamless alignment, he consistently delivers an exceptional customer experience that serves as an industry standard.

An additional two decades in emergency medical services, covering clinical care, training leadership, and operations, further underscores his holistic expertise. As a trusted advisor in the B2B Healthcare space, David LaCombe offers the C-Suite market savvy and a secure pathway to sustainable growth.

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Mark Ogne, Growth Architect

Mark Ogne is founder and CEO of ABM Consortium. With over 20 years of global marketing experience, Mark is a B2B marketing expert and a growth catalyst for emerging and established businesses. Mark has founded and led ABM Consortium, an advisory and consulting organization that helps B2B marketers achieve success with account-based marketing (ABM) best practices. He has also served as the CMO of MRP, a leading provider of B2B martech and adtech solutions.

Mark’s mission is to empower B2B marketers with the insights, tools, and connections they need to drive revenue traction with innovative marketing strategies.

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Renae Scott, Growth Architect

Renae Scott, a seasoned marketing and communication executive with over two decades of experience, is the founder of Bee Collaborative, offering fractional chief marketing officer support. Renae specializes in strategic marketing and brand strategy, with an emphasis on digital marketing. She has played a key role in shaping strategic direction and overseeing comprehensive marketing and communications efforts for several organizations. Renae’s extensive background features a pivotal 16-year tenure at Victoria’s Secret, where she spearheaded direct-to-consumer marketing and played a crucial role in shaping the brand’s digital and customer contact strategy.

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Jeremy Kanne, Growth Architect

Jeremy Kanne is a Fractional CMO with over 10 years of marketing experience helping small and middle market businesses. He leverages a unique background mixing civil engineering, improv comedy, and marketing agency work that brings a powerful ability to empower marketing teams to be more effective through collaboration and data. In his spare time, he enjoys building furniture, taking care of far too many houseplants than he has room for, finding his next excursion into nature, and taking care of his 11-year-old cat Persephone that still acts like a kitten.

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Adrienne Matt, Growth Architect

Adrienne Matt has deep expertise in B2B professional services marketing and enjoys working with CEOs in the high tech and financial services industries. As a fractional CMO, she directs marketing teams through the entire delivery process, focusing on the end-to-end client experience. Adrienne codifies systems, creates guidelines and nurtures talent as part of the senior leadership team. She enables these companies to articulate their fairly complex service offering to be explained in a way that people will buy and want to do business with them. For over 20 years Adrienne delivered creative and content strategy solutions for Fortune 500 companies as a consultant for some of the top advertising agencies in North America and Europe.

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Jason Abrahams, Growth Architect

Jason Abrahams is a seasoned Fractional CMO, Growth Marketing & Business Development Consultant, and the Founder of Next Play Marketing. With 20+ years of internal client/brand and agency leadership experience, Jason specializes in crafting innovative marketing programs that drive sales and business development efficiency. Jason’s diverse industry experience includes manufacturing, technology, healthcare, professional services, and associations/nonprofits. He shares insights on emerging growth trends and marketing technologies as an educator, speaker, and coach. With a focus on adaptability and resilience, Jason embodies the “Next Play” philosophy in every aspect of his work, propelling businesses forward with sustainable, profitable growth strategies.

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Ashton Price, Chief Happiness Officer

As Octain’s Chief Happiness Officer, Ashton is dedicated to making sure everyone enjoys the blessings of each day, never forgets to smile and to encourage one another for the greater good of the company, the team and the community.