Case Studies

Tri Tool

Opening the Door to New Markets and Customers

Tri Tool was at a crossroads in its market position. Market dynamics were changing especially in its traditional market areas of nuclear energy, oil and gas production, and power generation. The company was eager to explore new market opportunities for its portable machine and welding tools as well as position itself more effectively against competitors in a consolidating market space where smaller competitors were being acquired by global conglomerates.


  • Set the Foundation for New Business Growth
  • Maximize New Market Opportunities
  • Address Competitive Threats
  • Set New Product Direction
  • Develop 2015-2016 Marketing Strategy

LCS Technologies

From Startup to Consulting Powerhouse

As a new startup in the competitive market space of Oracle-based technology software and services implementation, LCS faced a number of key challenges including:


  • Identify expansion opportunities.
  • Discover unknown opportunities and potential added revenue streams for its services.
  • Evaluate and prioritize the available opportunities.
  • Evaluate opportunities to maximize current resources and team skills.
  • Understand current customer needs and what they are looking for next from LCS.


Competitive Insights Enable Better Market Positioning

Panviva contacted Octain for help expanding their market position into their highly competitive marketspace. As a midsize software technology company, Panviva was facing competitive pressures from many industry giants including, Oracle and Microsoft.


  • Fragmented information on competitors
  • Sales needed more current competitive information
  • Need to showcase feature/benefit strengths in prospect presentations

Medical Device Company

Creating Passion from Pessimism 

Each of the C-suite executives wanted to serve a different market: the CEO wanted to go after big pharma; the CMO, my contact, thought hospital networks were the best bet; and the CTO was voting for physicians’ networks. Because they could not agree, they did nothing. They were spinning in crisis mode and their competitors were moving in.


  • Opportunity to address three major market opportunities
  • Lacked talent to compete effectively
  • C-Suite executives fighting about strategic direction
  • Factions and conflicts within marketing, sales and IT departments made progress impossible

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