Redefine Your Marketing Engine

Gain Clarity, Confidence and Control

Clarity of direction. Confidence in decision making. Control over all of your marketing activities. The Octain Growth System (OGS) is a three-point marketing operating system that enables you to scale to the next level of growth by launching new products, finding new customers and opening new markets.



Enrich your Team with Strategy

We discover and evaluate your growth gaps and opportunities in these six customer facing operations and develop a strategic blueprint for increasing profits and performance.



Experience the Power of Smart Execution

What makes execution “smart”? Put simply, it means examining and evaluating the alternatives via a proven process before acting, so you know the path you are on is the right one for your project, program, and team.

Step 1


A combination of assessment and blue-sky thinking that doesn’t limit your opportunities to likely outcomes, low-hanging fruit, or incremental growth.

Step 2


The process of reviewing the opportunities uncovered in discovery and prioritizing them against goals, resources, and capabilities to choose the one with the highest potential outcomes.

Step 3


Recommend The best way to get things done based on our smart execution framework: Quantify your big idea with achievable goals; determine the desired results, evaluate all the alternate routes.

Step 4


Develop The roadmap for rapid revenue acceleration guided by one of our growth architect consultants.

Step 5

Implement and Automate

Swing into action with the confidence of a detailed plan.

Increase Performance with the Speed of Automation

Marketing operations are developed, automated and tracked for you so you save precious time and get back to doing what you love while enjoying the fruits of your success.



  • Appointment booking/auto calendar
  • Proposal development software
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales CRM
  • Performance tracking
  • Collaboration and productivity tools

Become an Octain Growth Architect

You are a growth catalyst for business owners. Your success rests on your knowledge and the resources you bring to your clients. You know smart marketing is the key to growth and business expansion, but you’ve hit a wall.

Expand your consulting universe with a remarkable new Marketing Operating System.