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Brand development

Brand development enables you to build brand awareness to become an industry or market leader. Enhance your company name, reputation and market visibility with our Brand Accelerator Canvas. Follow the key steps needed to develop a strong market position. We’ll help you:

  • Discover your brand values
  • Develop a winning market position
  • Create a lasting brand promise
  • Showcase your brand personality
  • Enhance your visual appeal.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition builds your lead generation engine by enabling you to reach more high-value customers who value and are motivated to buy your products and services. Our Customer Accelerator Canvas will give you a clear picture of who your best customers are, where to find them and how to keep them. We’ll help you:

  • Discover new customer opportunities
  • Pinpoint frustrations and pain points
  • Understand customers’ buying motivations and desires
  • Develop customer personas to improve marketing and sales success.

Message Clarity

Message Clarity ensures that when you reach the right prospects you have a message that connects to and engages their interest and converts them to customers and raging fans. Gain clarity, inspire confidence, create a compelling message and tell a spellbinding story with our Messaging Accelerator Canvas. We’ll help you:

  • Develop a strong market position
  • Craft key customer messages
  • Identify your strongest benefits
  • Promote your best features
  • Showcase your customer successes and results

Market Expansion

Market expansion enables you to increase the size of your market opportunity. With our Market Accelerator Canvas you will develop demand and lead-generation programs with proven micro-strategies and tactics that range from traditional to digital and social media. We will help you:

  • Develop your business marketing goals
  • Evaluate your products and services
  • Build high performing profit models
  • Determine your marketing strategies and activities
  • Identify and allocate needed resources

Sales Enablement

Our Sales Enablement Accelerator Canvas improves sales effectiveness by streamlining your sales process and helping you shorten your sales cycle through the effective alignment between marketing and sales teams. We will help you:

  • Develop an effective sales enablement team
  • Determine best practices for team alignment
  • Create effective marketing enablement strategies
  • Acquire systems, tools and technologies that support marketing and sales alignment
  • Measure success and ROI

Product/Service Innovation

Our Product/Service Accelerator Canvas focuses on discovering new product/service opportunities and ways to improve, enhance or innovate new products to open new markets, attract new types of customers and drive profitability. We will help you:

  • Discover hidden competitive advantages
  • Determine new ways to drive innovation
  • Improve market penetration
  • Identify upsell potential for current customers
  • Unlock new market opportunities


OGS uses a discovery process to turn these six functional areas into active ingredients for revenue growth. Think of the discovery process as a way to identify your current location and set your destination so you can create a road map to get you there in the second component of the OGS: smart execution.

Case study

LCS Technologies – See how we helped position this startup IT consulting team into a consulting powerhouse winning deals from IBM and drove a three-year revenue increase of 2800%.



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