LCS Technologies | Case Study

From Startup to Consulting Powerhouse



  • Identify expansion opportunities.
  • Discover unknown opportunities and potential added revenue streams for its services.
  • Evaluate and prioritize the available opportunities.
  • Evaluate opportunities to maximize current resources and team skills.
  • Understand current customer needs and what they are looking for next from LCS.


  • New competitive marketing position as the “Elite Team.”
  • Expanded customer opportunities
  • Faster growth with higher profitability
  • More focused executive team
  • New sales/business development hire

When It’s Time to Expand

LCS Technologies, based in Sacramento, CA, is a leading information services provider offering a single source for customer Oracle software and service needs. LCS has a simple philosophy:  help our customers make the right connections to achieve successful and measurable business results. LCS leads with innovation to empower our customers to maximize their infrastructure and make their team more efficient and effective.

As a new startup in the competitive market space of Oracle-based technology software and services implementation, LCS faced a number of key challenges including:

  • Identifying expansion opportunities that would enable LCS to take the company to the next level.
  • Discovering unknown opportunities and potential revenue streams for its services.
  • Evaluating and prioritizing the available opportunities based on skill set, experience of team, customer needs and requests.
  • Creating a marketing strategy that would address the opportunities to maximize current resources and team skills.
  • Identifying gaps in resources and team skills that could create a barrier to new market opportunities.

Octain’s Growth Architect Program for LCS Technologies included the development of the company’s first marketing strategy, new Website, customer experience content and key messaging and positioning for market expansion and growth.

Positioning The Elite Team

Octain created four key marketing initiatives for LCS:

  • Image Campaign to expand the company’s brand presence.
  • Relationship Marketing Campaign to build client loyalty and deepen connections with clients and new prospects.
  • Lead Generation Campaign to meet target sales goals.
  • Content Marketing campaign which included new website content, multiple case studies and articles positioning LCS’ Elite Technical Team against IT “body shops.”

“When LCS needed a new marketing plan to support our company’s growth, we turned to marketing veteran Clare Price. Clare helped us develop a stronger brand and marketing message that led to LCS being recognized as Sacramento’s fastest growing company.

– Steve Simonetto, CEO, LCS Technologies, Inc.

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