Panviva | Case Study

Competitive Insights Enable Better Market Positioning



  • Fragmented information on competitors
  • Sales needed more current competitive information
  • Need to showcase feature/benefit strengths in prospect presentations


  • Stronger market positioning
  • More new customer opportunities
  • Competitive talking points for sales presentations
  • Stronger standing in RFP bids

​New Ammunition for Sales Growth

Panviva’s Omnichannel Knowledge Cloud gives employees one-click access to information specific their role and the directions they need to complete any task to expert standards, right from the start. This just-in-time guidance from Panviva improves accuracy, compliance and customer experience – while dramatically reducing training time and costs. Panviva is used by more than 100,000 users around the world at leading financial institutions, healthcare, insurance, utility companies and government agencies.

Panviva contacted Octain for help expanding their market position into their highly competitive marketspace. As a midsize software technology company, Panviva was facing competitive pressures from many industry giants including, Oracle and Microsoft.

Panviva’s sales team needed more ammunition to show customers the management power of their system when matched against more widely recognized brands. Panviva needed more than general information, they needed sales tools that their marketing and salespeople could take and use in active sales presentations and negotiations.

Octain’s Growth Architect Program for Panviva included a detailed evaluation of 12 of Panviva’s customers. The analysis featured comprehensive vendor profiles covering a detailed competitive comparison of products and services, key customers, pricing, industry positioning, branding and messaging and competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Insights Plus Tools Means Results

New insights were developed that provided recommendations on how to counter competitive strengths in sales and marketing situations. Deliverables highlighted competitive weaknesses using a detail product feature by feature comparison delivered in an easy to read “At A Glance” vendor matrix.

Octain developed sales and marketing tools that included 12 Detailed competitive profiles, Sales “Silver Bullet” Talking Points, a Marketing “Customer Learnings” presentation, Sales Training, revised website content and messaging, two industry Webinars and 11 Customer Case studies.

“Working with Octain has armed our sales team new strategic tools and information that has helped us open more doors to new customer opportunities.​

– Peter Lore, Business Solutions Advisor, Panviva

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