Eliminate Trial and Error Marketing.

The Power to Scale

The Octain Growth System is a three-step system for scalable growth. Integrating strategy, execution and automation, OGS is a Marketing Operating System that helps your marketing team and your agency deliver better results and value for your business with less effort.

The Help You Need When You Need It

Making the change from traditional hit and miss marketing campaigns to installing a marketing operating system can be a heavy lift. You have a great management and marketing team in place. They just need a bit of guidance to take it to the next level.

Octain Growth Architects are seasoned marketing and business professionals with decades of experience as entrepreneurs and/or marketing executives. They have been in your shoes, made the tough calls and gotten the job done for themselves.


They are OGS GA certified to help you achieve your vision, execute your chosen course or action and guide your team to their highest level of performance and productivity. Let an Octain Growth Architect show you how to install the Octain Growth System in six months or less.

See How They Did It

“Tri Tool hired Octain to perform a comprehensive analysis on our competitors, customer experience and market opportunities. From Clare’s work we were able to determine three strategic initiatives to drive the company forward. We also used the analysis to develop new marketing tools including a new corporate video and email marketing campaign.”
Laurie Earl,
Director of Marketing,
Tri Tool
“Working with Octain has armed our sales team new strategic tools and information that has helped us open more doors to new customer opportunities.”
Peter Lore,
Business Solutions Advisor,
“When LCS needed a new marketing plan to support our company’s growth, we turned to marketing veteran Clare Price. Clare helped us develop a stronger brand and marketing message that led to LCS being recognized as Sacramento’s fastest growing company.”
Steve Simonetto,
LCS Technologies, Inc.
“Before Octain, our team was all over the map trying to target the right customers. Now we have a focused strategy for reaching our best prospects and have seen sales jump 40% in six months.”
Medical Services Company
“Octain really helped us dive into the meaning of what we were trying to portray about Sallyport and map out the direction we should be going in.”
Greg Dyson,
VP Sales,
Sallyport Commercial Finance

Become an Octain Growth Architect

You are a growth catalyst for business owners. Your success rests on your knowledge and the resources you bring to your clients. You know smart marketing is the key to growth and business expansion, but you’ve hit a wall.

Expand your consulting universe with a remarkable new Marketing Operating System.