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Here’s What the Beta Readers are Saying

“Smart Marketing Execution is a must read. Clare's framework, what she calls the ‘integrated marketing operating system,’ will help you and your marketing teams deliver profitability, productivity, and operating efficiency.”
Dennis Shiao,
Attention Retention
“Smart Marketing Execution is unique in that Clare gives all of the details on 'how to' rather than simply what and why. Clare guides business owners and leaders through the exact things they need to do to become more effective leaders.”
Steve Pappas,
host of the Science of CX Podcast
“Ideas are great, but the money is in execution! Smart Marketing Execution is a no-fluff roadmap to growth, period.”
John Jantsch,
author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Ultimate Marketing Engine
“I thought when I picked up this book, ‘Oh God, not another marketing book…’ I hate fluff. This is not fluff. What is valuable to me: A clear road map, why I should follow it, and what I get if I do it right. That’s what Clare has written. Marketing for people who are operationally focused on getting things done.”
Tom Searcy,
author of Whale Hunting and How To Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett
“You hold in your hands a philosophy and approach to marketing in a new world of opportunity. Keep Clare’s book within arms’ reach and refer to it often. You will find her insights and ideas practical, proven-to-work, and immediately accessible.”
Mark LeBlanc,
author of Never Be The Same and Growing Your Business!
“This book provides an outline of how to strategize smarter combined with great anecdotes and tools to put Clare's marketing knowledge into action.”
Lisa Apolinski,
author of Grow Your Market Share In A Zombie Apocalypse

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