Valentine’s Day is here. I hope that you are planning to share the day with someone special: a spouse, partner, grandparent, child.

So, what about your customers?

What is the best way to show them some love this February (and beyond)?

  • To show customers and clients how much your value them and their support of your business?
  • To give prospects a sneak peek of how they will be treated when they become customers.
  • To position yourself for more referrals without being pushy?


Before we get to the good stuff. Here’s what not to do.

  1. Starbucks gift card. Old, tired, generic, expected. Yawn.
  2. Any general store gift card. Same reason.
  3. Generic gift baskets. Anything you can pick out of a standard catalog – candy, flowers, fruit, wine.  It’s nice and that’s the point. It’s nice. Nice not memorable. I’m sure you customers will enjoy it and thank you for thinking of them. But will it separate you from the competition? Nope. Will it blow their socks off? Not likely.


Three ways to show them some Love

When you show your customers how much you care about them you want them to enjoy the gift, feel appreciate and you also want them to talk about it; share it on social media, and tell their friends.

That creates a competitive advantage and brings in the referrals.

Think deeply about the person receiving the gift. What resonates with them on a personal level? Is it a tangible item, a unique experience, or a combination of both?

“Ensure that your chosen gifts and messaging reflect why they were chosen and what they mean to your recipients,” recommends Jamie Shipley, CEO The Expressory, a Strategic Engagement Agency.  “Are you aiming to express gratitude, solidarity, or acknowledgment of your clients’ challenges?”

Here are three ways to generate some buzz with your customer appreciate efforts.

  1. Personalize, Unique Gift Baskets. Gift baskets can be a showstopper – when they are personalized. Got a pet lover in your client list? A pet themed basket especially including something that is monogramed with the pet’s name can get people talking and sharing.

One of my mom’s favorite gifts was her special John Wayne gift basket. Years later she still wears the T-Shirt.

  1. Create a customer appreciate event. Throw a party, perhaps at a trade show that many customers are attending. My software client CatapultK12 is known for their great parties at a a big trade show and every time that trade show comes around, customers are calling in advance to make sure the party is on! And that they can reserve their seat. Private dinners are also great. Bringing likeminded customers together to wine, dine and network with their peers and colleagues shows how much you value them and gives them an opportunity to make new connects.
  2. Event tickets. Keeping it personal, what kinds of events or activities does each of your customers/clients enjoy? Do you know? If not, you should. Ask and add it to your CRM profile for that client. Eventbrite’s nationwide research of millennials “reveals this generation not only highly values experiences, but they are increasingly spending time and money on them.” Give them an experience and they will let other in their network know.

And here’s a bonus strategy that will give back to you and honor your customers: Create a customer counsel that meets once a quarter and provides feedback on customer experience, new features and functions of your products/services, pricing and packaging strategies and more. This gives you an opportunity to test drive new ideas before they go to market.

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