We know we shouldn’t.

We know it’s a waste time.

As fractional execs we even know how counterproductive it is.

But we do it anyway.

Because we are excited about what we have to offer!

Because we don’t want to leave anything out!

What I’m talking about is throwing your full laundry list of services into your client-facing content.

  • 20+ bullet points in your LinkedIn post.
  • Dense paragraphs of text in your brochure or worse, service proposal.
  • The dreaded “what we do,” what we offer” hit list parade.

It’s time to Dump the Laundry List! Even if you are protesting; hey, these are benefits not features.

Trust me! It’s time.

But if we are not going to rely on our tried-and-true laundry list, what should we do?

Here’s a formula that we use with clients at Octain that breaks the laundry list mindset!

  1. Start with the core. What is the biggest reason your clients and customers choose you?  If you could only talk about this one thing, what would it be?
  2. Showcase results. The old marketing adage is don’t promote features (what you do), promote benefits (the value you bring). All good! Now, I’m challenging you to go one step further and promote results. Answer the question: What are the tangible, measurable results of your value? What changes in your clients’ business and life as a result of the benefits your work brings to them?
  3. Share the experience. Customers today are seeking more than results. They want a great experience along the way. Paint them a picture of the how they will feel as they take this customer journey with you. Highlight the anticipation, the relief, the inspiration, the joy, the partnership of your company joining hands with theirs.

Keep this formula in mind as you review the content you are creating for all your customer-facing channels: social, website, blogs, brochures and collateral, digital advertising, webinar content, etc.

Looking for help on breaking the laundry list mindset? Book a call and let’s have a conversation.