Business owners are facing more challenges and change than we have ever faced before. With constant turmoil quickly becoming the new new normal, how can business owners expect to stabilize, let alone grow?

It’s not easy! But some of the best opportunities can appear in uncertain times. Take the case of Unleashed. Michael Spinosa and Scott Greenwell started a digital marketing agency called Unleashed Technologies at the start of the 2007 financial crisis.

In a recent Value Builders interview, Spinosa characterized Unleashed as a “very average” digital agency when they first began. Then in 2009, the partners decided to rebrand their solution under their “Growth Package” offering where customers could get digital talent in “dosages” that fit their needs. This packaging allowed Unleashed to differentiate themselves from other digital agencies that billed for their time. This marked the beginning of a great run, which saw Unleashed grow 20% per year with 20% profit margins and 90% client retention.

As we move forward in 2020, we know the reinvention for the remote economy will play a big role in future success. How will you lead a remote workforce; improve operational agility and speed, and innovate your products and services?

Companies like Square, Uber, Credit Karma and Venmo were all started during the 2008-2009 recession. What opportunity is waiting for you?

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