Client/prospect discovery calls are a must have business practice for consultants, agency owners, and professional service vendors.

They’re crucial for building relationships and sealing deals. But guess what? Dangers are hiding in the background that can derail your plans for a productive conversation.

Here are three growth hacks on how to sidestep these discovery-call pitfalls to create a memorable and profitable client engagement.

1. Lost in Translation: What’s the Point?

Ever been on a call where you and the other person are on completely different pages? Yeah, not fun. The first big danger in discovery calls is when both you and the prospect are scratching your heads, wondering why you’re even talking.

If neither party is clear about why they are engaging in the conversation, it can lead to confusion, misalignment, and ultimately, a wasted opportunity.

To address this, be sure to clearly communicate the purpose of the call from the outset. Whether it’s a “getting to know you” call, a “demonstrating value” call, or a “deep discovery call” post-engagement, setting expectations ensures that everyone involved understands the journey they are embarking on.

2. Call Chaos: Where’s the Plan?

You’ve probably been on the receiving end of a discovery call without a plan. We say its “call chaos.” When the call lacks structure, and you fail to control the conversation, the call can deviate from its intended path, leading to a missed opportunity to showcase your expertise and align with your prospect on shared objectives.

To counter this danger, script your calls with the end in mind. Having a predefined structure ensures that the conversation progresses smoothly.

And here’s the secret sauce: stick to that script! Don’t let the call go off the rails; instead, guide it towards the win you’re aiming for.

3. Sales Alarm: Be Cool, Don’t Do a Quick Pitch

Nobody likes feeling like they’re stuck in a sales pitch, right? The danger is real when prospects start thinking you’re all about the sell. So, let’s flip the script.

Instead of bombarding them with your amazing services, focus on what they’ll get out of it. Even if you’re flexing your expertise, keep it chill and make it about the value they’ll score. Resist the urge to dive into a sales pitch; instead, create an atmosphere where they want to know more about working together and they ask you for it.

Ace Your Discovery Calls in 3 Easy Steps

To make your discovery calls a pleasure instead of a pain and dodge those tricky dangers, follow these three laid-back steps:

1) Know the Drill and Share It:

No one likes surprises – especially not in a discovery call. Lay it all out there. Share the game plan and vibe you’re aiming for. Whether it’s a casual chat, a value showcase, or a deep dive, make sure you and your prospect are on the same chill wavelength.

2) Script It Like You Mean It:

Outline your key talking points, stick to the script, and guide that conversation like a pro. Keep it breezy, and watch the magic unfold.

3) Hold Off on the Pitch:

We get it – you’re excited about what you bring to the table. But here’s the secret sauce: resist the pitch urge. Instead, make it about them. Frame your talk around the awesome benefits they’ll snag. Get them curious about working with you – let them ask for the deets. It’s all about creating that cool, genuine vibe.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on the not-so-obvious pitfalls of discovery calls.
Now armed with this knowledge, go out there, make those connections, and turn those calls into client-loving engagements.