Tis the Season of Giving.

There’s no better time to send gifts to your clients, referral partners, colleagues and yes even prospects.

This is not the time for the humdrum ‘coffee card’ gifts of Christmas Past.

It’s a time to celebrate Christmas Present with gifts that will dazzle your giftees.

Light up their eyes and bring joy and laughter to their homes.

In that holiday tradition, let me suggest these three gifts that you can offer those on your business gift list.

These gifts go beyond material offerings; they are gestures that forge deep connections, foster loyalty, and set the stage for prosperous relationships in the coming year.

The Gift of Anticipation
The first gift of the season is the Gift of Anticipation. Picture this: You’ve just had an extraordinary conversation with a prospect who has the potential to become a valued client.

The Gift of Anticipation is your way of sowing the seeds of a thriving relationship. This isn’t your average token of appreciation; it’s a carefully chosen item or experience that resonates with the prospect’s interests or needs, perhaps something discussed during that pivotal first call.

Whether it’s a copy of your latest book, a personalized guide, or another high-value offering, presenting this gift immediately after the initial conversation creates a sense of eager anticipation. It communicates your genuine interest in nurturing a meaningful connection and lays the foundation for a prosperous partnership.

The Gift of Authenticity
The second gift of the season is the Gift of Authenticity. While it may seem obvious to give a genuine gift, it’s about going the extra mile to ensure it truly reflects your sentiments.

Think deeply about the person receiving the gift. What resonates with them on a personal level? Is it a tangible item, a unique experience, or a combination of both?

“Ensure that your chosen gifts and messaging reflect why they were chosen and what they mean to your recipients,” recommends Jamie Shipley, CEO The Expressory, a Strategic Engagement Agency. “Are you aiming to express gratitude, solidarity, or acknowledgment of your clients’ challenges?”

Authenticity lies in the details. Consider their hobbies, preferences, and interests, and craft a gift that not only demonstrates your appreciation but also shows that you’ve invested time and thought into selecting something meaningful. The more personal and heartfelt the gift, the stronger the connection it forges.

The Gift of Appreciation
The third gift of the season is the Gift of Appreciation. You know this one! Give something special and unique to those who have played a pivotal role in shaping your business and enriching your life throughout the year.

Consider the unique contributions of each individual and tailor your gifts accordingly. Whether it’s a carefully curated gift basket, a custom experience, or a heartfelt letter expressing your gratitude, going the extra mile makes a significant impact. Show them that you not only value their business but also cherish the personal connections that have been instrumental in your success.

“Ensure Quality Execution,” Shipley adds. “Pay attention to every detail, from packaging to presentation. A well-executed strategy adds to the overall impact of your brand-centric holiday appreciation.”

These three gifts of the season—Anticipation, Authenticity, and Appreciation—are more than just tokens of goodwill. They are the building blocks of lasting, high-value relationships. By investing time and thought into each gift, you create an environment where trust deepens, referrals increase, and the new relationships are formed.

This holiday season, let your gifts speak volumes about your commitment to genuine connections and watch as your professional relationships flourish in the coming year.