We are reopening. Getting out and around. Exploring the world again. It feels great! How about bringing that same energy and joy to your customers? It’s a great way to recharge your company growth too.

Here are three ways to make reopening special for your customers:

1) Refresh your brand. Your brand is your customer’s emotional connection to your company. It anchors their loyalty to you. Chances are your brand took a hit during the turmoil of this last year as you and your team struggled to navigate all the ups and downs of the pandemic. Also, your company values may have evolved as business owners and CEOs address the need to clarify their stand on issues like diversity, inclusiveness and equity. Refresh and reintroduce your brand to your customers with a new look, a new tagline or slogan, a clarification or reaffirmation of your values. Becoming a stronger, magnet presence for your customers today will increase their loyalty and your profitability.

2) Invite them back in. Even if your company was fully open last year, things were not normal. Customer care may have suffered or become more difficult to achieve. Customers, also feeling the pressure, may have become more demanding or wanted things done differently. Invite them back in to reconnect with you.

Start by reviewing your current customer service policies and processes. Did response time or courtesy slip? Are there ways you can make it easier to do business with you now that you couldn’t before? Consider automation tools like adding chat to your Website for self-service or auto calendar booking and inquiry response.

Then, invite your customers back in a fun way. Host a virtual customer appreciation event, or if you’re comfortable with in-person, host a customer appreciation lunch, dinner or mixer and show your customers how much they matter to you. Be sure to invite all your customers and even prospects you haven’t seen in awhile. Inviting your customers back into to your business will increase sales and give everyone, customers and employees alike, an energy boost.

3) Redesign your marketing engine. Most of us pulled back from marketing our products and services during the pandemic. Now is the time to review and prioritize your marketing plans for the economic surge we are starting to experience. You’ll want to ride that wave.

The best way to do that is to:

  1. Assess your customers’ current and anticipated needs and desires. What’s changed?
  2. Create timely relevant messages and content for today’s reopening economy. What’s trending in your industry?
  3. Get the word out through email, social media and advertising campaigns. How can you help them with their new reality?
  4. Automate your marketing engine by taking advantage of cloud-based systems and apps. What can you automate to create a turnkey marketing engine that works seamlessly for you?

Want help with your reopening plans and activities? Let’s chat. Book a discovery call today.