Are #webinars on your to do list for marketing lead generation in 2024?

If so, listen up.

Webinars can be a great #lead generation and #relationship building tool. They can also be a huge waste of time.

Who loves opening up their Zoom room and seeing one or two people there when 30 signed up?   Not me and probably not you!

So real quickly, here are three Dos and Don’ts that we’ve found that create webinar magic for client connections.

DO – Make your webinars very interactive. By that I mean look for ways to have a energic conversation. One great option is to host an open mic Q&A as @Henry does.  Another is to think community. How can you engage the entire Webinar audience as a community. For a blueprint on webinar as community I give a big shout out to Jason Van Orden’s GEM Networking events. Interviews and panels are great options as well.

DON’T lecture – The nightmare webinar is the one where the host treats it like  lecture at a university hall and drones on and on and on . . . Bet you’ve been there and bet you left early.

DO – Promote your webinars across many channels. Use your email list, social media, your website to extend your reach. When you announce your webinar tag your followers.  Engage your community who is looking for ways to support you.  

DON’T pitch – Make sure your audience knows and you adhere to making your webinar a no-sales pitch zone. You can get your product or service softly into the conversation by weaving into it case study or client success story. That said, definitely include a call to action whether it is a content download or other action. Give your audience a reason to act.

DO – Measure the results of your efforts. Key metrics to analyze include:

  • Registration/attendee conversion rates
  • Total views/View time
  • Live and on-demand views
  • Responses to polling questions
  • Questions and group chat comments

DON’T disappear – Follow up with your audience in the next day or two with the link to the recording and another call to action. Be sure you’re producing content regularly and continuing to nurture your webinar leads between programs.

Here’s to your webinar success in 2024!