Growth in Crisis

Coronavirus. Stock Market plunge. Presidential Elections. It’s a drumbeat of panic that is quickly becoming a self-fulling prophecy. In the here and now it’s tempting to keep your head down, focus on the day to day and wait for the storm to pass. That’s one option.


Another option is to face the turbulence head on, pilot through it and land safely and profitably on the other side. If that’s the course you’ve chosen to take, here are four steps to help you get there.


Be Proactive. Get out in front of any concerns that your customers and employees might be having. Not sure what to say? Gather your leadership team and brainstorm the list and then rather than wait for them to call you reach out and call them. Let customers and employees know you’re on it. The big guys are doing it. I’ve gotten emails from SWA, Lyft and Target among many others sharing their new processes for coronavirus. Small businesses can too. A personal message from the business owner with specifics is a great start.


Be Creative. I don’t know of a better antidote to anxiety and overwhelm than stepping back and letting those creative juices flow. Think about your product or service. What could you do today to make it easier for your customers to buy or use your services? Think about your customers. What could you do today to make their lives easier or better now? We always like things to be easier or faster and never more than when we are under stress.


Be Bold. It’s tempting to go dark now with your marketing or sales activities. You have your hands full. Resist the temptation. Let people know you are out here and working. Be reassuring. Dig deep. Recall and reiterate your corporate values to your customers and your employees. Express them confidently and strongly. Send that message out through your sales team. Remind your people of what you’ve accomplished together and are still focused on to help them and theirs. Get that message out across all your direct and social channels.


Remember life goes on. People still need you and what you have. Consider in this environment who else might need it and reach out to them. Your product or service may be their lifeline.

Turmoil and tumult will test your resolve. It will give you pause for thought and, could if you let it, stunt your company’s growth. But it doesn’t have to. You can grow stronger through the crisis.